He Shou Wu

Elevates mood, calms nerves and replenishes vital energy

Elevate Mood
Calm Nerves
Replenish Vital Energy


May you feel peaceful, and full of life

He Shou Wu is considered the top herbal substance for replenishing our primal essence - our ‘Jing’. It is said to strengthen and stabilise the lower back and knees, and increase the body’s reserve of sexual energy.
He Shou Wu is said to cleanse the liver and the kidneys, and in turn purify the blood and disperse oxygen throughout the body.
He Shou Wu is considered a mild sedative and will calm the nervous system. It is said to be one of the best herbs for calming the mind and body.

“All of our He Shou Wu is wildcrafted from Shibin, in the Guizhou Province.”

Guizhou province has deep traditional roots and is famous for a superior kind of He Shou Wu. We source our He Shou Wu sustainably from Shibin, a lost town in the depth of the Guizhou mountains. Unlike anywhere else, the quality of He Shou Wu from Guizhou is determined by its slightly red pigmentation.