Chaga Mushroom

A Balancing, Heart opening and beautifying herb



May you feel peaceful, and full of life



Chaga mushroom works symbiotically with the birch tree to establish the future of a forest ecosystem. With thousands of years of medicinal use, Chaga invigorates all generations it comes across. Tribal groups called it a “gift from god,” it allowed them to experience profound levels of vitality. The kind of vitality usually revered for Gods, was now accessible to all.

- Wild Chaga Mushroom is one of the most broad spectrum medicines found in nature. It is one of the most antioxidant rich foods and has one of the top anti-tumour contents.

 - Wild Chaga Mushroom is a top adaptogen. It works to help us in the best way that suits us. It feeds and modulates the immune system. It is a supreme anti-viral herb.    

Chaga is the most alkaline food found in nature.

Potassium, Rubidium, Caesium, Magnesium, Calcium, Manganese, Boron and Bismuth

What is the significance?
 Modern living makes humans susceptible to an influx of everyday toxins which can cause a build up of acidity in the blood. Chaga’s alkaline rich consistency is of premium aid to the detoxification of this acidity.



"The 4000 year old remains of Otzi the Iceman, found mummified in ice, had Chaga among his possessions."










If Reishi is the mushroom of the spirit, Chaga is the mushroom of foundations.

The birch tree, which houses Chaga, is a very foundational tree.
That is what the tree does:
It finds baron land and reestablishes health within the soil. Its sole purpose is to be of service to the future of the forest ecology. 

In a beautiful act of support, Chaga steps in to help the birch tree where in areas of extreme climate. Chaga's chosen area of habitat is a thin climate zone with the most unstable climates on earth. Here Chaga either heals dying birch trees or helps them pass on and to decompose faster.

In return:
For its service to the tree, Chaga finds a free access to the birch tree’s minerals. In Chaga, we find the Birch tree’s foundational minerals in large concentrated doses.




"Legend says Russian Tsar Vladimir Monomalch was cured of cancer by using Chaga in the 11th century."



Chaga is incredibly rich in the antioxidant Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD)

SOD is an enzyme antioxidant that hunts and neutralises all radioactive-oxygen free radicals. This enzyme stabilises these free radicals and turns them to bioavailable oxygen. The process prevents oxidative damage to cells and tissues, and further allows the newly converted oxygen to be available to them.

Whats interesting is:
Studies indicate that “low tissue levels of SOD have been associated with both a decline in overall health and a reduction in life span.” The turtle, one of the longest living animals, is found to hold large amounts of SOD.



Chaga contains high levels of Beta Glucan polysaccharides

With over 1600 research papers written, the activity of beta glucan has proven to be highly revered by top Scientific Institutes all over the world.
Which ones? 
(Harvard Medical School, National Cancer Institute, the Department of Agriculture, etc....)
This research has shown Beta Glucan to be a powerful immune booster. It works by stimulating cellular communication and increase cellular defence. Unique polysaccharides like Beta Glucan wake up dormant cellular “hairs” that, when activated, increase informational symbiosis within the body.
Beta Glucan, rather then killing viruses or cancer cells directly, increases the body’s own defence systems.

Studies show:
Beta Glucan reduce glycemic peaks in cholesterol by 50%. Furthermore, is a highly effective anti-cancer agent.



Chaga nourishes the Heart, Liver and Kidneys, nourishes blood and calms the ‘Shen.’ It also supports Wei Qi (defensive qi/immunity) and transforms phlegm.

Flavour: Sweet

Nature: Warm

Enters: Spleen, Liver, Heart



Active compounds

Polysaccharides including lignins and beta-glucans

Ergosterol (used in formation of vitamin D2)

Betulin and betulinic acid (antiviral, anti-inflammatory)

Antioxidants - enzyme SOD

Minerals including potassium, calcium, zinc, copper and manganese.


We get all of our Chaga mushroom wild from the Greater Khinghan Mountains.

Here's why:
The Greater Khinghan Mountains are an ancient pristine range across the upper eastern reaches of China. Large, stretching 750 miles, the Birch tree grows in abundance in these mountains.
It was largely unexplored until the 20th century when railways were first built and made the Wild Chaga Mushroom accessible.

The mountains divide the lowlands of the Manchurian plain and the high Mongolian plateau. The northern part of the range is the coldest area in north-east China with temperatures dropping as low as -28ºC in winter.